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Barn wood spruce & oak panels

Barn wood spruce panels

“The exterior layers of these panels were part of the facades of old farmhouses and stables in the Austrian Alps”

Apart from our regular oak and spruce barnwood boards, we also sell barn wood panels. We carry two types of panel stock, namely brown and grey-toned panels. The boards are sourced from abandoned barns in the Austrian Alps. Thanks to the extreme weather conditions at these altitudes, these boards are beautifully marked by nature. No two boards are the same.

Easy and quick processing

To make our products easy to work with for our clients, such as for professional interior builders, we process our barn wood into 3-layer panels that are then easy to process into a final product, whether that be a kitchen front, wall panelling or ceiling. These panels are made up of 3 layers of dried softwood, with the top layer being the original weathered exterior. They are thermally treated to make them insect free and dry them out to the degree that is needed for the manufacture of furniture.

Applications Dimensions & stock
Kitchens Length: +- 270 cm
Wall panelling Width: +-120 cm
Ceilings Thickness: +- 20 mm
Wainscotting Price: please contact us to receive a non-binding quotation
Interior construction Stock: upon request
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