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Barn wood oak

“Reclaimed oak sourced from old barns in the Balkan area”

Old barns, decades old, often older than us! This is where we get out oak barn wood boards from. Thanks to these barns’ many years of braving harsh weather, the boards have beautiful deep furrows and a stunningly aged look. Unique widths of over 30 cm are hardly an exception! During demolition, we meticulously take out all of the nails and sort the boards based on quality and length,

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Oak barn wood is a popular product that is used a great deal for interior applications. It is a sustainable, durable material that is very suitable for being used as wall panelling or to manufacture doors or kitchen fronts. Using oak will lend a luxurious feel to your project. Barn wood is also excellently suited for being used outside, such as in the facade of a building or as exterior doors. In short, this is a beautiful construction material with a rich history. In addition to oak barn wood, we also carry spruce barn wood and barn wood panels!

Applications Dimensions & stock
Kitchens Length: +- 100 – 300 cm
Facades Width: +-10-40 cm
Roof cladding Thickness: +- 20 mm
Interior construction Price: see product sheet
Furniture Stock: Yes
Wall panelling Please contact us to receive a non-binding quotation.
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