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Oak interior door made out of  reclaimed wood

Are you looking for a unique oak interior door? We manufacture them out of decades-old reclaimed oak!

We offer two types of oak interior doors, namely solid wood and wood veneer. Read on to find out more about the differences between these two types.

Oak veneer interior door

Exclusive wood veneer doors will attract anyone’s attention the moment they walk in, and invite them to discover what lies beyond. Historisch Hout manufactures exclusive oak veneer doors made of reclaimed, reason oak. Our veneer doors come in two main varieties, namely outsides and insides. A door with an ‘outside’ surface has the original rough texture of what used to be the exterior portion of a recycled oak beam. A door with an ‘inside’ surface is made out of the smooth, sanded, and/or brushed interior of said beam.

Solid interior door

Historisch Hout manufactures solid oak doors made of reclaimed resawn oak and barn wood. Our barn wood doors come in two wood varieties, pine and oak. Our interior doors are custom-made with care by our team of professionals. We use only premium-grade reclaimed wood from Europe. As a wholesale buyer of historic wood, we buy the very best reclaimed wood directly from the source.

If you would like more information about the possibilities afforded by our aged oak interior doors, please do contact us!

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