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 Planters made out of reclaimed hardwood

As well as using our Azobé ship´s timber for decks and duckboards, we also use it to manufacture sustainable planters. This hardwood is 100% recycled, meaning that you will be contributing to the creation of a circular economy. Thanks to the stylish, timeless design, our tree planters are suitable for any location, both on public and private grounds. The stainless-steel frames are galvanised and then powder-coated in any colour. An exclusive product made out of only the very best materials. Robust planters that will last and be enjoyed for many years to come!

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Azobé ship’s timbers are hardwood boards sourced from the holds of cargo ships. There, they served as loading floor for many dozens of years, causing them to have a very authentic, aged look. Azobé is known for its incredible durability – it is almost entirely impermeable to rot (sustainablility level 1).

Applications Dimensions & stock
Patio siding Length: 80 – 250 cm (custom)
Planter Width: 80- 250 cm (custom)
Tree planter Thickness: +- 30 mm hardwood
Price: upon request, please contact us to receive a non-binding quotation
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