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Large stock of ship planks
Sustainable and circular hardwood

Azobé ship planks

“Reclaimed hardwood from inland vessels”

Robust maintenance-free decking from the hold of an inland vessel. Historisch Hout buys these floors and sorts and processes the batches. These ship planks have served as a loading floor in the cargo hold for decades, giving them an authentic look. Azobé is known for its unprecedented hardness; it is almost impossible for the wood to rot! (durability class 1)

The long parts are used in circular siding, decking and terraces. The shorter parts are used to make our circular tree planters. Thanks to years of service as a loading floor, the planks have a robust appearance! We are one of the few suppliers in the Netherlands who sell this material privately and for business! We only sell our ship planks sorted by quality and brushed!


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Because this tropical hardwood is restored, we are dealing with extremely durable hardwood. The Azobé wood has a durability class 1, which means that it hardly rots. Azobé is a tropical type of wood and is mainly imported from West Africa. Because we reuse the circular material, the environment is not burdened by various transport activities and no new trees have to be felled.

Applications Sizes & stock
terrace & decking Lengths: 100-400cm
walls Widths: 10-22 cm
retaining wall Thickness: 30-40 (varying per batch)
Stock/price: On request.
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