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Old oak TV cabinet

‘From old winepresses’

Looking for a unique piece of furniture?

Historisch Hout produces old oak TV cabinets from authentic old oak beams! The lived-in look of the beams gives the TV cabinets a contemporary look that fits in both rural and sleek interiors!

The old oak beams are brushed all around to maintain their robust appearance. The beams are produced from old oak wine press beams from houses in Croatia and Bosnia. Before the beams arrive in the Netherlands, they have undergone quite a journey. The buildings are dismantled and a sorting is made on site in terms of quality and length. Finally, the beams are transported to a wood dryer in Gendringen (Netherlands), where an ISPM15 treatment is carried out against any vermin present.

In contrast to most comparable designs, this TV cabinet is not made of old railway ties, which are very coarse in structure and full of holes from the mounting of the rail on the ties. The beams we use show visible history and each carries its own story, which gives the TV furniture a beautiful and authentic look.

How big should your TV cabinet be?

As standard we produce our TV cabinets at 150/180/200/220/240/260/280/300 and 320 cm long. We can shorten our TV cabinets from our stock if your length needs to be different. The standard depth that we adhere to is +-45 cm.

In addition, we can also provide special customization and produce a custom TV cabinet for you. Would you like to view the TV cabinet yourself first? No problem! We always have about 10 TV cabinets in our showroom! Are you a business customer and interested in a larger purchase? Ask about our wholesale prices!

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