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Barnwood siding

“Historical wood siding”

Barnwood siding

Looking for wooden siding with a robust appearance? Then you’ve come to the right place! We have a wide range of old oak and pine wood that is suitable for outdoor cladding. In addition to offering siding for outdoor use, we also have wooden wall cladding for indoor use.

Origin of the barnwood

Our barnwood siding comes from decades-old field barns, which are often older than ourselves. Due to the weather conditions that the barns have defied for decades, the barnwood planks have beautiful deep grooves and a lived-in look. Unique widths of more than 30 cm are no exception! After the barn has been demolished, the wood is exported to the Netherlands. Here the barnwood first enters the drying chamber. The wood is then selected by us based on quality and length.

Barnwood is a general term for old softwood and oak planks, originating from old field barns and mountain huts in the Alps. In the past, these planks were already installed as siding. Due to the weather influences, the wood is beautifully marked by wind and weather. Barnwood planks therefore have a unique color and structure. Optionally, we can also provide these planks with tongue and groove.

Oak barnwood is a popular product that is often used as siding, it is a durable material that is very suitable for cladding walls and various other indoor applications. It is therefore perfect for old wooden siding. Old oak gives a luxurious look to your home, business premises or shed. Barnwood is a product that can be processed very well outdoors because the oak has already been outside for decades, and thus the expansion/contraction of the wood is much less intense.

When installed correctly, this creates extremely durable and low-maintenance siding. Because the original patina of the wood creates the look you want, the siding does not need to be treated. In short, you get a beautiful building material with a story!

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