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Aged oak kitchen

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A unique, aged oak kitchen made out of robust, reclaimed oak boards and panels that are at least 100 years old. That is what you will get when you turn to Historisch Hout for your supply of aged oak boards and panels.

Aged oak kitchen

An aged oak kitchen has a robust, lived-in look. Wood is the perfect material for giving your new kitchen that warm, cosy feel that you are looking for. An aged oak kitchen often has a rustic feel, but by using high-gloss varnish and sleek built-in equipment, aged oak can still fit perfectly into a more modern interior design.

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Dimensions and types of aged wood

We supply aged oak boards that are perfect to be used as kitchen fronts. Historisch Hout can supply you with enough material for a single kitchen, or a package deal to cover a complete interior design concept. We can supply brushed wood, roughly squared, or shaved down to the right thickness. We also supply various looks & feels.

We also manufacture oak panels, using our own reclaimed ‘outsides’ panels. After sorting through our range of suitable reclaimed wood veneer, we shave the top layers down to the right thickness and mount them on a carrier made out of pine multiplex. This results in stable panels that are suitable for most interior design applications. We can custom-make your panels for you, which often helps eliminate a lot of unnecessary material waste. We also manufacture door panels that we cover on both sides with reclaimed oak wood veneer.

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