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Wooden wall covering

“Exclusive barnwood wallcovering”

Wooden wall claddings for every interior

Are you looking for a wall covering in old wood with a history that is simple and quick to install? Historisch Hout has five different types of wall cladding in its range: “French oak fruity brown” – “French oak gray weathered”–  “Alpine wood grooved brown” “Alpine wood gray weathered” and “From the Balkans”. Using wood in the home is a trend that has never gone away. Wood is a super beautiful natural material and it’s extremely suitable for processing into wooden wall coverings. One of the advantages of wood as a wall covering is that it gives an exclusive look, dampens sound and you never tire of the many different textures and colors. Because our wooden slats are not too large, assembly is simple, making it easy to install by one person. Are you looking for planks that are longer, such as shelves that are the length of your entire wall from floor to ceiling? Then take a look at our Fichte Barnwood page!

A stylish and trendy barnwood wall

Where can I use my barnwood wall cladding? The fact that it is called “barnwood wall cladding” does not mean that it can only be used for this purpose. For example, you can also cover a headboard of your bed or even your kitchen cabinets! In addition to being used in random patterns, we also regularly see that the wooden wall covering used as paneling at a height of 120 cm. You can order all 5 variants of wall cladding from us in the webshop; it is pre-packaged in boxes of 0.8 M2. Wooden wall cladding is suitable for any interior, whether you have a sleek interior and would like to make one wall stand out or you have a rural interior where the wood used gives the decisive look. Do you have a large or business order? Please contact us for our scale and business prices! In addition to business purchases, we also offer business customers the opportunity to become dealers of our luxury wall products, which gives you an attractive discount on our webshop items suitable for resale. 

Installation of interior wall cladding

Because there are no standard sizes in recycled wood, the barnwood is sawed in fixed length and width sizes. This makes it easier and faster for you to assemble in both vertical and horizontal random patterns. The planks are artificially dried at 12% humidity and are therefore perfectly suitable for interior applications. The planks are brushed to emphasize the lived-in look. We recommend a flexible mounting kit for processing. Apply this in two or three glue grooves on the back of the planks. Then press the plank onto a flat surface. Make sure the surface is free of grease and moisture. Also use small nails every now and then, when possible, to secure the planks in the glue. Leave a space of approximately 3 mm around the edges. After all, wood can expand and must therefore be given the space to expand slightly. The flexible mounting kit can be found in our webshop.

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