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Keep the historical value in life

Reclaimed sustainable hardwood
Various lengths available
Authentic look & maintenance free

Azobé ship planks

‘circular hardwood from an inland vessel’

Authentic ship planks for many applications

Old ship planks have served as a loading floor in the cargo hold of an inland vessel for years. Due to intensive use, they have gained an authentic look. Azobé ship planks can withstand weather influences well and do not rot quickly when they come into contact with water. For that reason, Azobé wood is also used for jetties, docks, and flower and tree planters, but also durable decking & terraces. Ship planks are not only weather-resistant, but also extremely sustainable because the tropical hardwood is reused.

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Hardness and durability are what old ship planks are known for

Azobé wood is known for its incredible hardness and therefore durability. The circular hardwood is particularly suitable as a partition for a garden or yard. Shipboards are also an excellent choice for flower boxes, bank protection and decking. Over time, the wood changes color from shades of brown to shades of gray. Like almost all other types of wood, this is a natural discoloration that can be prevented if you treat the wood with the correct outdoor oil. Please keep in mind that you must then continue maintaining it.

Ship planks for sale at Historisch Hout

We always have lots of ship planks in stock. Despite the fact that the material is becoming scarcer, we can still offer batches in various specifications to our customers. Are you looking for circular hardwood that you want to use sustainably? Choose circular ship planks that will last for decades!