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Barnwood planks

Barnwood wood

The question we get frequently is “what is barnwood wood?” Barnwood wood is a collective term for old wood scarred by weather and wind. Over the years, the wood has taken on a beautiful texture. This wood has been used for years as cladding for barns or houses. These buildings are often more than 100 years old.

Barnwood planks

We source this wood from all over Europe, mainly from countries such as: Bosnia, Croatia, Austria and Ukraine. For example, the planks can come from abandoned field barns in the high mountains of the Alps. First, the building is demolished and exported to us. Once we receive the barnwood planks, they are dried in a drying chamber. The drying process kills living organisms. After the boards come out of the drying chamber, they are stripped of nails. After these treatments, our barnwood planks are brushed (outsides) or planed (insides). Brushed wood has a tougher and more robust appearance. Because the wood is stripped of dirt and nails, the beautiful grooves and old nail holes are clearly visible again. Planed barnwood is smooth wood. After planing, the flame structures are clearly visible and the wood is somewhat lighter in color. This creates a warm and characteristic look.

For both individuals and businesses we make barnwood panels, these are panels that are perfect for various interior applications. Because it is reclaimed wood, barnwood is very durable. Because the wood would otherwise be destroyed, it gets a second life.

In addition to having planks in our range, we also sell barnwood beams. Like our planks, these beams come directly from old buildings. Our beams are also called trusses. The beams have served as construction for years. Often the beams are reused for visible interior construction work. In addition, barnwood beams are very popular as a special interior object or piece of furniture. At Historisch Hout you are assured of authentic old oak beams with a unique look.

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