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Wine press planks

“From old granaries & wineries in the Southeast Balkan countries”

Historisch Hout imports oak wall boards from old granaries & wine presses from the Southeast Balkan countries. The often-vacant barns are bought from the local managers. Then the barns are manually demolished and sorted by length and quality. After this sorting, the planks are packed into transportable packages. These barns are often more than 150 years old! That is why every piece of wood is unique and has its own history. Your furniture or flooring will therefore contain a visible piece of history.

Processing wine press planks

As soon as the reclaimed oak wall boards arrive in the Netherlands, they first receive a heat treatment against any vermin present. As soon as the planks arrive, they are first manually stripped of nails. Many planks still contain bullets & shrapnel from the past. After this, the reclaimed oak wall boards are resawed into thinner planks that can be planed or brushed. What is the difference between planed and brushed old oak wine press planks? Planed wine press planks are smooth and virtually splinter-free. Because the top layer of the wood is shaved off, the grain structures of the wood are clearly visible, which creates a beautiful and warm appearance. Brushed wine press planks retain their original patina, as the weathered side of the plank is merely cleaned of dirt with a steel brush. After brushing these old oak planks, the beautiful and deeply grooved grains and knots are highlighted.



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Wholesale of old oak planks & beams

We process orders of old oak planks weekly on our own sawing line. Most of the planks are sawn from reclaimed oak wall boards, and square old oak beams are also regularly sawed into planks. Because we cut them ourselves, they can be used for various applications, such as interior construction, exterior construction and furniture making.

Are you a private individual and do you have a DIY project of your own? You are also very welcome! During our opening hours you even have the opportunity to choose planks for your project yourself.

Applications of the old oak planks

Reclaimed oak lumber is very durable oak wood, after all it is sawn from old beams and not from newly felled trees. Because it has been able to dry naturally for years, it is a beautiful building material that is very suitable for covering walls or making doors, kitchen fronts, table tops, furniture or beautiful wall shelves!

Dimensions of reclaimed oak lumber

We have a standard sawing program for our reclaimed oak lumber. We offer this oak wood in various thicknesses; our standard saw sizes are 7 – 25 – 45 – 65 mm. The widths vary from 100 to 400 mm wide. We offer this oak standard in lengths from 100 cm to 600 cm long.


Sizes & stock

Kitchens Lengths: +- 100-400 cm
Tables Width: +- 12-27 cm
Ceilings Thickness: 20-40-60 mm planed or fine sawn
Paneling 20/30 mm 40/50 mm 60/70 mm brushed
Furniture Price: ask price list
Interior construction Stock: Yes
Stair steps


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