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Tree & flower planters of recycled hardwood

In addition to selling Azobé ship planks for decking applications, we also produce sustainable flower and tree planters. Because the hardwood is 100% recycled, you contribute to a sustainable & circular world. Thanks to the stylish and timeless design, our tree planters can be used anywhere. We supply our circular tree planters to green-space designers for projects in public spaces and businesses as well as to individuals looking for an eye-catcher in their private garden!

The steel frames are galvanized as standard and can be powder coated in any desired color. It’s an exclusive product made from only the best materials. In short, these robust and maintenance-free tree planters can be enjoyed for many years!

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Origin of the Azobé ship planks

Azobé ship planks are hardwood planks from the hold of a cargo ship. These planks have served as a loading floor in the cargo hold for decades. Due to intensive use, the planks are worn and have an authentic look. Azobé is known for its unprecedented hardness; it’s almost impossible for the wood to rot! (durability class 1)

Applications Dimensions & stock
Patio siding Length: 80 – 250 cm (custom)
Planter Width: 80- 250 cm (custom)
Tree planter Thickness: +- 30 mm hardwood
Price: upon request, please contact us to receive a non-binding quotation


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