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Old oak stairs

“Old oak stairs for a warm look in your home”

Custom stairs

Historical wood has a large stock of old oak from which stair steps are produced. We can saw these steps in almost any thickness and length. We supply stair treads up to +-25 cm wide in 1 piece, and we also produce composite stair treads from old oak. This means we can also supply wide steps for spiral staircases or stair platforms. We can produce these steps in various looks, such as brushed old oak or planed old oak.

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Stair options

We offer two different looks for stairs, namely: brushed or planed. Brushed stair treads have the original rough texture of the original exterior of an old oak beam. The planed surface is the smooth, sanded and/or brushed inside of a beam.

We use high-quality reclaimed wood from Europe in our stair treads. As a historical lumber trader, we buy the best batches of old wood directly from the source. Over the years, our employees have gained experience in the various appearances and patina that occur in recycled wood. Thanks to our knowledge of historical building materials, we can produce stair treads to suit your needs! You also contribute to a circular economy by choosing our stairs.

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