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Wagon planks

“Robust oak planks with an authentic look”

The old oak wagonboards have a fantastic history. For many years they served as a loading floor in railway wagons. These robust oak planks have seen years of use on railways throughout Europe. The wagon parts are sometimes up to 100 years old! We import the old wagon planks from various countries in Europe. The wooden wagon planks used to be the basis of European transport in the 20th century. Over the years, the wagon parts have been spread throughout Europe. Historisch Hout gets the authentic and characteristic oak wagon planks from various countries in the Eastern Bloc, but France also has many old wagon parts to offer. We import our oak wagon planks directly from these countries. From our network within this circle, we often receive tips about locations with old freight wagons.

Unprocessed oak wagonboards with a raw, characteristic look

We supply packages of wagonboards to various large-scale consumers. We can supply these wholesale packages unprocessed, planed or brushed. These will come to you directly after importing and you benefit from a wholesale price.

Contributing to a better world with old oak wagonboards

Recycling used planks is good for the environment. Because the wood has already had a second life, it has a robust and authentic character. This gives every interior in the house or outdoors a little extra. Wood has been used for many centuries as a raw material for various interior applications and has proven itself to be durable and reliable over the centuries.

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