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Barnwood wall wood from the Balkans

Our crème de la crème! Ancient barns, farms, and granaries deep in the Balkan Mountains are the source of this unique type of wood! We have been looking for this type of wood wall cladding for a long time. It is a type of wall wood that gives a completely different look than the Alpine wood and the two types of French Oak that we offer. Just like with the Alpine wood, we also saw this wood in four fixed widths, namely 8/10/12/14 cm and in the fixed length of 117-122 cm.

Robust wall wood

More and more often we are seeing rough materials combined with sleek materials. This type of wall wood stands out against a white floor or a sleek ceiling, and it would also look perfect in a luxurious man cave! The rough patina in this wood makes each plank unique and no two are identical. Various color shades created by mother nature can be found in this wall cladding!


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Why use wood on the wall?

Natural materials, such as leather, concrete, and wool, have been popular in our homes for years. But let’s not forget wood! It’s the perfect material to improve the acoustics and to create a warm and atmospheric appearance. Moreover, using recycled wood is very sustainable! Because we cut our ‘barnwood in a box’ relatively thin, it is extremely flexible in terms of application, you could use it to make beautiful paneling or a one-of-a-kind bed headboard! Are you interested in our old wall wood? We would like to inspire you and explain our five different types of wall wood! Namely: “French oak fruity brown” – “French oak gray weathered”–  “Alpine wood grooved brown”– “Alpine wood gray weathered” and “From the Balkans”   Visit our showroom or order a sample box from our webshop!

Assembling Barnwood “From the Balkans”

We recommend a flexible mounting kit for processing. Apply this in two or three glue grooves on the back of the planks. Then press the plank well and firmly onto a flat surface. Make sure the surface is free of grease and moisture. Also use small nails every now and then when possible, to secure the planks in the glue. Leave a space of approximately 3 mm around the edges. After all, wood can expand and must therefore be given the space to expand a bit. You can also find the flexible mounting kit in our webshop, click here.

Applications Sizes & stock
Walls Lengths: 117-122 cm
Hospitality Width: 8-10-12-14 cm
Ceilings Thickness: 8-11 mm
Panelling Price: €74 per box a 0.8 m2.
Stock: Yes


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