Keep the historical value in life

Old oak floors

Engineered and solid plank floors & patterns & panels

Barnwood floor

Always wanted a barnwood floor? We have a large assortment of barnwood planks. The so-called multiplanks are the most common floorboards. These are composed of an underlay/support of birch plywood with a glued solid top layer of about 5 mm thickness. The total floorboard thickness is therefore around 17-18 mm. These multiplanks can be glued directly and full-surface to the existing screed. This creates an optimal efficiency of any underfloor heating and this ensures a stable floor. Our Reclaimed oak Multiplank floor is not only available as straight planks, but also in various patterns and panels such as herringbone, Hungarian point and Versailles Panels. In addition to our multi plank flooring, we also sell solid barnwood flooring. A solid floor consists of sawn planks from one piece of natural full wood. The only disadvantage of a solid floor is that it cannot be combined with underfloor heating.

Natural oak floor with character

Because our old oak beams have defied all weather influences for decades, unique colors and textures are created. We supply multiplank floors in two different looks: ‘outsides’ and ‘insides’. The ‘outsides’ are boards with the original rough texture of the outer edges of the beams. The ‘insides’ are the sanded and/or brushed inside of our barnwood, this makes them lighter in color. The colors common to the ‘insider’ are a mix of golden brown with dark cracks and nail holes.

Old oak floor

There are few floors that can bring as much atmosphere to your space as a genuine old oak floor. The beautiful colors authentic look makes old oak very popular. These floorboards come mainly from historical properties in the Balkan countries. Our solid oak floors have acquired their charm through decades of intensive use in old grain stores, barns but also old government buildings. Because these planks have been allowed to dry naturally for years, these planks are very stable!