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Solid old oak floors

“Our solid old oak floors are sawn from floorboards from decades-old barns”

Solid oak floorboards

There are few floors that bring as much atmosphere to your room as an old oak floor. Its beautiful color and authentic appearance make old oak very popular. These floorboards come from historical buildings in the Balkan countries. Our solid oak floors have acquired their charm through decades of intensive use in old barns and grain stores. Because these planks have been able to dry naturally for years, they are very stable!

From rough to new!

These old solid wooden floors deserve some attention before they can be used again. They are stripped of nails, resawed and planed to thickness. Each floor has a unique look that fits perfectly in various interiors. A very durable product! Want an old oak floor on underfloor heating? Then choose our old oak engineered floor.

Applications Sizes & stock
Flooring Lengths: 150-300cm
Walls Widths: 14-30 cm (wider on request)
Paneling Thickness: 18-22mm
Stock/price: customization, please contact us for a free quote
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