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Fichte barnwood loft door

“an invitation to discover what lies behind this door”

Origin of the barnwood doors

You have probably seen them: old barns, farms, and mountain huts high in the Alps, often decades old! Due to the extreme weather conditions in the high mountains, these softwood planks are beautifully and deeply grooved. The bright sun creates unique color patterns from black-gray to light brown, which is also called ‘Sonnengebrant’. Fichte Barnwood, as it is called by the Austrians themselves, is a mix of various softwood species, of which spruce and pine are the most common. This authentic building material is perfect for making robust doors.

Characteristic pine door

It is full of character and, due to years of natural drying, the perfect material for indoor use. Because the barns have been exposed to wind and weather, one side of the plank has a weathered look. The other side of the plank has been on the inside of the barn and is often less robust in structure. During the selection of the planks, we look closely at which planks fit together and which planks do not. We pay particular attention to the differences in thickness. When we have a nice selection of planks, we bring them to our workshop. It all happens here: the sawing, brushing, planing, and finishing.

Our colleagues on the work floor have been working with old wood for years and know the different looks of the old wood. They know how to deal with defects in the wood. They make beautiful custom doors from a batch of planks! The planks are placed lengthwise in the door as standard. Optionally, we can mill a small ‘U’-shaped profile at the bottom of the door. This allows you to place guide blocks on the floor that keep the door in place during closing / opening.

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Where do I place a barnwood loft door?

In home magazines, TV programs, and online, you come across loft doors everywhere. We find that very logical because it is a space-saving construction for doorways and cupboards. A loft door is also known as a farmer’s sliding door or an industrial door. Moving the door from left to right works with the help of a sliding door track. Because it is in principle fairly easy to assemble, there are countless situations where a loft door is the perfect choice. How about, for example, a sliding wardrobe for all your clothes or sliding doors that stylishly divide the living room in two?

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Applications Sizes & stock
Exterior door Lengths: 100-300cm
Loft door Widths: 60-120 cm
Interior doors Thickness: 20-45 mm (panel 20/25 mm + clamp 20 mm)
Stock/price: customization, please contact us for a free quote