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Barnwood doors

Doors with character, that’s the best way to describe our custom doors! The appearance of each door is unique and gives the room it’s in charm and warmth. Wooden doors fit perfectly in a living area where natural materials can add warmth and a beautiful touch. Deviations in color and structure are inherent to the material. Grain patterns, knots, color differences, structure differences and cracks are among the properties of barnwood wood.

There are many types of barnwood doors, the functions of which can also differ greatly. We produce various wooden doors for both indoor and outdoor use. Our barnwood doors are made from old-growth wood. Barnwood is also a collective name for old wood. Barnwood is a name for the wood that was formerly used to build and cover barns. This wood is now being reused, creating a very sustainable product! Our wood is sometimes up to 200 years old! Over the decades, the planks have endured the most severe weather conditions. This gives them a weathered appearance and the wood is nicely finished. The fact that the wood is lived-in does not mean that it is worn out. It has matured over time and is therefore very suitable for furniture and doors, especially since it has become very stable through years of drying.

Where does the Barnwood come from?

The Barnwood comes to us from all over Europe, mainly from countries such as Croatia, Bosnia, Austria, and Ukraine. For example, the Barnwood we use for doors can come from abandoned field barns & old farmhouses in the high mountains of the Alps. After the demolition of these buildings, the wood is exported to the Netherlands. As soon as we have received the Barnwood, the wood is dried in a drying room. Living organisms are killed by drying. After the wood comes out of the drying room, it is stripped of nails. The planks are then brushed (outsides) or planed (insides). That is why we also offer our doors in these two different looks.

What are Barnwood doors?

A door made from Barnwood is a door made exclusively from old wood. Our doors can be ordered to size and are available in various looks. A brushed (outsides) Barnwood door has a rougher and more robust appearance than a planed (insides) door. Because the wood is cleaned of dirt and nails during the brushing process, the beautiful grooves and old nail holes are clearly visible again. With a planed Barnwood door, the surface of the wood has a smooth structure, we scrape off the lived-in top layer. After planing, the wood’s patterns are more apparent. Because we remove the top layer, the door also becomes a bit lighter in color, creating a warm appearance in your interior.

Curious about our different doors and do you want to get a feel for the different looks? Make an appointment quickly and visit our showroom!