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Wine press beams

“Antique oak planks, shaped by wind and weather”


Historisch Hout sells a wide range of authentic wine press beams from an impressive stock. The beams have served for years as massive outer walls of wine presses & farms in Southeast Europe. Decades of exposure to wind and weather have shaped the planks into what they are today.

Before the beams arrive in the Netherlands, they have undergone quite a journey. The buildings are dismantled and sorting in terms of quality and length takes place on site.

Because the oak has been able to dry in the wind for years, it is stable and perfect to process in interior construction. At our location, the beams are stripped of nails and possibly brushed or planed. We also have resawed wine press beams into wine press planks.

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We supply our sawn old oak wood to various interior decorators & furniture makers throughout Europe. We offer it in various specifications & grades, according to your wishes.


Applications Sizes & stock
Ceilings Lengths:+- 200 – 800 cm
Beam layer Kopmaat: +- 12×12 – 30×30 cm
Chimney Price: from €1400,- M3 excluding VAT
Stock: Yes
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