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Barnwood front door

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A front door is much more than a door; it is the entrance to your home and a very iconic feature.

When you choose a barnwood front door from Historisch Hout, you opt for a stable front door made of real old wood. This is a door that tells a story and is a real eye-catcher in your home! Besides the fact that barnwood is very durable, it is also very low maintenance. We produce these doors in two variants, namely “insides” and “outsides”. In addition, we work with various looks by gluing the veneer in various motifs, such as herringbone, Hungarian point or a vertical/horizontal placement. Over the years, our employees have gained experience in creating various looks.

Barnwood front door

A special core is used for the door core, namely a plywood panel with various aluminum intermediate layers. These intermediate layers ensure that the door panel remains straight and stable. After all, we are dealing with temperature differences on the inside and outside of the door. In addition to the temperature differences, the difference in humidity also plays a major role. As standard, our exterior doors are glued waterproof, so that the contact between the veneer and the plywood can withstand the various weather conditions. A multi-point lock and various types of hinges are among the possibilities within our range of exterior doors.

Would you like to give your home a luxurious & natural look? Then opt for a front door made by Historisch Hout! Visit our showroom or contact us for the possibilities! Are you looking at the big picture and do you also want the inner doors made of old oak? That is also possible! We make various types of (custom) oak interior doors.

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