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Vloeren van écht oud eikenhout
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Insides & outsides uitstraling

Engineered old oak

 “Unique textures and colors”

The most common old oak floors are the so-called engineered floors. These are constructed from a base layer/carrier of birch plywood with a glued solid top layer of approximately 5 mm thickness. The total floorboard thickness is therefore around 17-18 mm. These engineered floorboards can be glued directly and full surface to the existing screed. This optimizes the efficiency of any underfloor heating and ensures a stable floor.

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Designed by nature 

Old oak beams, sometimes up to 100 years old, are the ingredients for our floors. Because our old oak beams have defied all weather conditions for decades, unique textures and colors are created. As a result, we supply engineered floors in roughly two finishes, namely: “Outsides” and “Insides”. The ‘Outsides’ are floorboards with the original rough texture of the outsides of the beams. The ‘Insides’ are the sanded and/or brushed inside of our reclaimed old wood, which makes them lighter in color. The colors used in ‘Insides’ are a mix of golden-brown tones with dark cracks and old nail holes.

Our old oak floors are produced according to the customer’s wishes, so you can influence the final appearance of the floor. Our floors are produced as standard in five widths and in WL (varying lengths) 1500-3000 mm. We can also optionally supply these floors with an FSC quality mark.

Applications Sizes & stock
Flooring Lengths: 150-300cm
Walls Widths: 14-23 cm (wider on request)
Paneling Thickness: 17-18mm
Stock/price: customization, please contact us for a free quote
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