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What is barnwood?

Barnwood wood comes away from old barns, houses & farms. Here, the wood sat on the facade or was part of the supporting structure, for example as a truss. These barns are often more than 100 years old. So guaranteed old wood! Want to buy barnwood? Then you have come to the right place at Historic Timber. We have a wide range of barnwood. You have probably seen them before; old barns, farms and mountain huts high in the Alps, often older than ourselves. Due to the extreme weather conditions in the Alps, these softwood barnwood planks are beautifully deeply grooved.

The bright sun creates unique colour patterns from black-grey to light brown, this is also called ‘Sonnengebrant’. Once the barnwood planks are in our storage they have undergone quite a journey, the nails have been pulled and they are sorted by colour and length! The barnwood is then processed for various purposes. Barnwood is also commonly used for a wooden wall. Our barnwood is available from stock. By giving the barnwood oak a second life, no new trees need to be felled and you are therefore working towards a better world. Are you looking for wood with character? Then choose barnwood wood.

Use barnwood planks & panels

Besides our oak barnwood planks in the wood type old softwood, we also sell barnwood panels! We have the panels sorted in 2 colours in stock, namely shades of grey and brown. The barnwood wood comes from Austria, from abandoned field barns in the high mountains of the Alps. Due to the extreme weather conditions the barnwood planks have endured, the old planks are marked by nature! No two planks are the same. Besides having a beautiful appearance, barnwood planks are also very durable.

At some point, our customers started asking for reclaimed oak board material. We responded by producing our own reclaimed ‘outsides’ boards. After sorting suitable reclaimed veneer, the top layers are made to thickness and glued to a birch plywood carrier. This creates a stable flat board suitable for interior applications! We can produce these panels to size for you, often saving you a lot of unnecessary waste. We also produce door panels with reclaimed oak veneer on both sides.

Buying barnwood

Are you looking for old wooden products with an authentic look? Then choose the products from Historic Wood! After all the processing to the wood, it is a step closer to being used in interior construction. Products made from it include: barnwood planks, sheet material, window sills, stair treads, kitchen fronts, TV furniture and wall shelves! This exclusive wood is therefore very popular in interior construction. Curious which products we all make from barnwood wood? Check them out below! Curious about our webshop products with barnwood, such as our barnwood wall shelves and barnwood wall cladding? Check our shop!

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