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Wooden wall cladding “French oak”

“Wooden wall cladding made of old French fruit crates”

Wooden wall cladding made of old French fruit crates

Are you looking for wall cladding wood with a lived-in look and a unique story? We have a large batch of old French fruit crates at our disposal! Fortunately, the boxes were not destroyed, but neatly dismantled manually. These fruit crates were certainly not at the end of their life! They were disassembled due to legislation, as nowadays most fruit must be transported and stored in plastic crates. As a result, the wooden crates have become superfluous. Historisch Hout specializes in the processing of wood with a past and wood that is released from demolition or disassembly projects, including the wood of these French fruit crates. We have made two grades of wood from these fruit crates. The bottoms of the fruit crates were often exposed to fruit juices that have penetrated deep into the wood. The sides of the crates were exposed to the sun and rain a lot, which means that the planks on the sides have also aged nicely!

French oak Gray weathered 

The term Gray weathered actually explains what it is: gray faded wood. But the gray tint is not the only thing that gives this type of wood its charm. Old nail holes used to mount the crates are also common! With a bit of luck, you will also find black letters from the original fruit grower on your wall wood! The gray tint of the wood is quite even, so we notice that most people think that this variant has a calmer appearance than, for example, Alpine Wood Gray weathered. Still unsure? Then simply order a sample box or visit our showroom! The individual planks are approximately 8-11 mm thick, 117-122 cm long and approximately 12 cm wide.

French oak fruity brown 

Despite the fact that the French oak fruity brown comes from the same fruit boxes as the gray weathered wall wood, it still has a completely different look! How is that possible? Well, the bottoms of the fruit boxes are of course much heavier. The sour fruit juices have penetrated deep into the wood and have given the planks a beautiful brown color. In addition, the bottoms were often damp and dried much less quickly than the side walls. When we brush these planks, you can clearly see the intensive use. They are also grooved much deeper than the “Gray weathered”! French Oak fruity brown wall wood gives your wall, ceiling, or kitchen cabinet a nice warm look! The individual planks are approximately 8-11 mm thick, 117-122 cm long and approximately 10 cm wide.


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Why use French Oak barnwood in your interior?

Natural materials have been popular in our homes for years. Wooden wall panels, headboards and even entire ceilings are also due for a real revival! Wood provides a warm atmosphere, it is durable, and it is good for the acoustics. Would you also like a wooden wall in your interior? We would like to inspire you and explain our five different types of wall wood: “French oak fruity brown” – “French oak gray weathered” –  “Alpine wood grooved brown” – “Alpine wood gray weathered” and “From the Balkans” Each type tells its own story and carries its own unique past!

Mounting our barnwood French Oak

We recommend a flexible mounting kit for processing. Apply this in two or three glue grooves on the back of the planks. Then press the plank onto a flat surface. Make sure the surface is free of grease and moisture. Also use small nails every now and then, when possible, to secure the planks in the glue. Leave a space of approximately 3 mm around the edges. After all, wood can expand and must therefore be given the space to expand slightly. The flexible mounting kit can be found here in our webshop.

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