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Historisch Hout has a large stock of log walls. The beams have served as massive exterior walls of wine presses & farms in south-east Europe for years. The look of the planks is the result of decades of exposure to weather and wind.

When the planks arrive in our warehouse in the Netherlands they have travelled quite substantially. The buildings from which they came, have been dismantled and the wood is sorted on the spot according to quality and length. Finally, the wooden beams are transported to the wood drying facility in Gendringen, where the wood is treated according to ISPM15 to remove any pests that may be present.

Due to the fact that the oak beams have dried in the wind for many years the wood is perfectly stable and ideally suited for use in interior construction and furniture making.  At our location any remaining nails are removed and the beams are brushed or planed, if necessary. We also cut old oak beams  into planks of various thicknesses for use by wholesalers, furniture makers and interior designers.



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Wooden beams with character

Historisch Hout specialises in the sale of old oak beams. We travel all over Europe to buy the best beams and wooden roof cowls. As a result we have a unique range of wooden roof cowls of various sizes in stock. Our reclaimed oak beams are processed in various ways in our own workshop.

We remove any nails, brush and plane the wood, and cut the beams to the required size. We have beams with different looks, from highly worn to almost perfectly smooth and square. Some roof cowls still have authentic woodcarving!

Sustainable construction 

Old oak has an authentic warm look. The wood has dried naturally over many decades. This makes the wood more stable than, for example, freshly cut green oak. Because the beams are reclaimed from demolished old granaries, farms and country houses, the use of old oak timber in new projects to be built is a sustainable construction method. Our stock of reclaimed oak has been treated in accordance with ISPM15, consisting of thermal treatment against any pests.

Available sizes, prices and possibilities. 

Because of the good connections with our suppliers we can also deliver large quantities and special sizes! We are happy to provide an indicative price list of our reclaimed oak timber by telephone or by e-mail. If you leave your details in our contact form, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Applications    Sizes & stock   

Ceilings                 Head size: + – 12 × 12 – 25 × 25 cm  

Beamlayer           Lengths: + – 200 – 500 cm

Fireplace              Price: Mail us for the price list!

                                   Stock: Yes

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