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Oak barnwood loft door

“An invitation to discover what lies behind this door”

Historisch Hout produces solid loft doors processed from reclaimed oak barnwood. We find our oak barnwood in ancient barns & houses in the Balkans! Due to the continental climate, the buildings are ravaged by sun, snow, and wind. Our barnwood is thus created by nature. We use the planks that are on the upper facades of the buildings for our loft doors because these planks are often around 2 to 3 cm thick and are aged on both sides. As a result, the door has almost the same appearance on both sides!

A loft door with character

Nowadays we see more and more that the sliding door is increasing in popularity compared to the flush door that hangs in a frame. A barnwood sliding door is often hung on an industrial rail system. With the accompanying rollers, this sliding door runs easily and smoothly over the rail system. These doors are often also used to screen off a small space, such as a walk-in closet. Not only does the door look beautiful, but it is also a practical solution. Because the door slides, you don’t have to have space for the door to swing open, so it’s perfect for smaller spaces!

Customized doors!

The door is flat on one side, and on the other side a horizontal bracket is placed at the top and bottom of the door. This is required so that the door remains straight and can take a beating. Since the old oak planks also contain cracks, there is a good chance that without a horizontal bracket the door will break if it is closed too hard. The planks are placed lengthwise as standard. Optionally, we can mill a small U-shaped profile at the bottom of the door. This allows you to place guide blocks on the floor that keep the door in place during closing and opening.

Applications Sizes & stock
Exterior door Lengths: 100-300cm
Loft door Widths: 60-120 cm
Interior doors Thickness: 20-45 mm (panel 20/25 mm + clamp 20 mm)
Stock/price: customization, please contact us for a free quote


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