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Railway sleeper planks

Authentic oak railway sleeper planks

In addition to our wagon planks and recut reclaimed oak we stock reclaimed oak railway sleepers. This wood is durable and has a characteristic, robust and warm look. Our railway planks are sourced from the Dutch Railways and are a perfect alternative to oak wagon planks. Our planks are clean and do not contain any creosote or carbolineum. The railway planks have been dried to 12%, making them perfect for interior applications!

We can also produce specific orders for railway planks for you, such as specific sizes or floor boards.

Applications Dimensions & stock
Kitchens Length: 260 cm
Facades Width: +-18-25 cm
Roof cladding Thickness: +- 40 mm
Interior construction Price: upon request
Furniture Stock: Yes
Wall panelling Please contact us to receive a non-binding quotation.
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Applications of the planks

Reclaimed oak planks are a popular product that is frequently used in interiors. It is a durable material that is very suitable for wall panelling or for making doors, table tops, kitchen tops, and kitchen fronts! In short, a beautiful building material with history. In addition to recut reclaimed oak, Azobé ship planks, wagon planks and barnwood are also very popular!

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