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Reclaimed oak planks

“Railway sleepers / recut reclaimed oak / rail wagon planks”

Wholesaler in reclaimed oak

We cut reclaimed oak planks in various sizes for various clients in Europe, such as: 8 – 25 – 45 – 65 mm. If necessary, we can also carry out customer-specific orders in any desired thickness. Thanks to a motivated team and an automatic band saw, we can process orders for reclaimed oak accurately to the millimetre.

Recut reclaimed oak

Historisch Hout imports reclaimed timber from old granaries & wine presses from south-east Balkan countries. These often abandoned barns are bought from the local managers, after which the barns are demolished by hand. The beams are sorted by length and quality and packed into transportable packages. These reclaimed oak planks and beams are often over 150 years old! When the beams arrive in the Netherlands, they first receive a heat treatment against any pests. After this, the reclaimed oak is recut into usable fine planks, which can then be planed or brushed.

These recut reclaimed oak planks are extremely durable and have a characteristic, robust and warm look! The planks are naturally dry and very suitable for use in furniture! Recut reclaimed oak planks are a good alternative for wagon planks! In addition to processing into planks, Barnwood is also very popular for use in furniture.

We almost always have a large stock with the following lengths: 150-200 cm 200-300 cm 300-400 cm. We mainly sell recut oak planks in packages. We are the address to turn to for anything from 1 single pack to a whole truck load!

This square edged Reclaimed European Oak is re sawn out of our reclaimed stock of Beams and Wall pcs.

Applications Dimensions & stock
Kitchens Length: +- 100 – 400 cm
Tables Width: +- 12-27 cm
Ceilings Thickness: +- 20-40-60 mm planed
20/30mm 40-50mm 60-70mm brushed
Wainscotting Price: upon request
Interior construction Stock: Yes
Furniture Please contact us to receive a non-binding quotation.
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Authentic oak railway sleeper planks

In addition to our wagon planks and recut reclaimed oak we stock reclaimed oak railway sleepers. This wood is durable and has a characteristic, robust and warm look. Our railway planks are sourced from the Dutch Railways and are a perfect alternative to oak wagon planks. Our planks are clean and do not contain any creosote or carbolineum. The railway planks have been dried to 12%, making them perfect for interior applications!

We can also produce specific orders for railway planks for you, such as specific sizes or floor boards.

Applications Dimensions & stock
Kitchens Length: 260 cm
Facades Width: +-18-25 cm
Roof cladding Thickness: +- 40 mm
Interior construction Price: upon request
Furniture Stock: Yes
Wall panelling Please contact us to receive a non-binding quotation.
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Oak wagon planks

Historic oak planks with an authentic look? Wagon planks are just what you are looking for! Wagon planks have served as floors in old freight wagons from France. After decades of use, the material is reclaimed when the old wagons are demolished. Historisch Hout has close contacts with salvage companies in France; we buy the batches and transport them to the Netherlands!

Processing of wagon planks

Brushed wagon planks retain the weathered look of the wood. The brushing process removes most of the splinters and polishes the surface. The wagon planks are treated with a matt varnish, which also makes them suited for use in tables. When the wagon planks are planed, the deep black stripes remain visible, while a smooth surface is created! We also have other kinds of “reclaimed wood” such as Barnwood and Azobé ship planks.

Applications Dimensions & stock
Kitchens Length: +- 260 cm
Tables Width: +- 12-20 cm
Ceilings Thickness: +- 40 mm planed
20/30/40 mm brushed
Wainscotting Price: upon request
Interior construction Stock: Yes
Furniture Please contact us to receive a non-binding quotation.


Applications of the planks

Reclaimed oak planks are a popular product that is frequently used in interiors. It is a durable material that is very suitable for wall panelling or for making doors, table tops, kitchen tops, and kitchen fronts! In short, a beautiful building material with history. In addition to recut reclaimed oak, Azobé ship planks, wagon planks and barnwood are also very popular!

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