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We supply beautiful historical wood to contractors, wholesalers, interior designers, furniture makers and private individuals of.

Historisch Hout is a lumber wholesaler that specializes in old oak wood and old softwood! We sell, sort and process old oak beams, barnwoodrailway wagon planks and sawn old planks according to our customer’s wishes. Due to a large stock of old wood in our wood storage in the Netherlands, we can usually deliver right from stock, which means that delivery times are usually short.


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Historisch Hout supplies its materials to both private individuals and businesses. We supply raw old oak wood or sawn old oak in various specifications. In addition to business customers, we also serve private customers internationally. We often deliver semi-finished products to them, such as our old oak floors or custom interior doors made of barnwood.

Thanks to our knowledge of old wood, we can guarantee high quality at the right price. We focus on your personal wishes, and we can help you and advise you as needed. We want to be a committed and reliable supplier for every customer, both private and business. Historisch Hout buys almost all its materials directly from the source, e.g., floors from old freight trains, old oak wine presses from Bosnia, and old barns from Canada. We are constantly looking for suitable materials for our customers all over the world.

Old oak beams
Oud eiken balken
Barnwood oak
Barnwood gevelbekleding
Azobé ship boards
Azobe scheepsplanken
Re-sawn oak boards
Eiken keukenfrontjes
Barnwood doors
Fineer deur
Reclaimed oak floors
Oude vloerplanken