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Old oak beams & wine press beams

Origin of the old oak beams

Old oak trusses are perfect to use for various spaces. Previously, old oak trusses were often used as a supporting structure. Often with authentic mortise and tenon joints. Historisch Hout specializes in old oak trusses and wine press beams. The beams have already had a lifetime of use, which means that the appearance is very lived-in. Our beams come from all over Europe, mainly from countries such as Croatia, Ukraine, and Bosnia. Here we buy old barns, houses, and farms. These buildings are carefully dismantled on site and then exported to the Netherlands. As soon as the beams arrive in the Netherlands, they go into the drying room. After this process they are cleaned by us and the iron is removed. Often old bullets & nails come out of the wood! After this, the beams are ready for further processing, such as brushing, resawing or planing.

Advantages of old oak beams

In addition to the fact that old oak beams are very strong, they have even more advantages. Some old oak beams are over 200 years old! These beams are so weathered that cold and heat have almost no effect on the wood, in contrast to young oak wood, which still shrinks or expands. That is why it is very important that you consider in advance what you want to do with your oak beams. Do you need them indoors? Then we recommend working with old oak beams. The look of old oak is also very authentic! The warm appearance creates atmosphere and character in your home. In addition to their beautiful appearance, the beams are also super sustainable. Because the wood gets a second life as an interior object or as construction wood, you contribute to a circular world.

Buying old oak beams

As a lumber trader, we offer you the option of buying the beams per piece or wholesale per package. We always have a minimum stock of old oak beams of approximately 500 pieces. The most common sizes are from 200 cm to 600 cm long, but we also have some outliers of up to 10 m in stock. The most common sizes are 14×14-18×18 cm. 

In addition to the square format beams, we also have old wine press beams. These come from old exterior walls of houses from Croatia & Bosnia. By default, these beams are about 7 to 12 cm thick. The widths vary from 15 cm to 40 cm. The average is around 8 x 20 cm. We resawed these beams into planks that are used for interior use. In addition, the beams can also be used as purlin/roof beams.