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Barnwood kitchen fronts

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Barnwood kitchen

Have you always dreamed of a solid oak kitchen with character? Then choose barnwood! This type of wood makes your kitchen unique and gives warmth to the space it is in!

Historisch Hout is a specialist in the processing of old oak wood. We offer customization in kitchen fronts and are happy to work closely with you to realize your dream kitchen! Want to renovate the kitchen fronts of your existing kitchen or do you want a completely new kitchen? Everything is possible! In both cases, barnwood kitchen fronts give your kitchen a natural and characteristic look.

Barns from Europe

Barnwood is wood that has been marked by wind and weather. Over time, this wood has acquired a robust appearance. Often the barn has been in use for 100 to 200 years. After such long years, it is time to give the barns a second life. We buy these barns in countries such as Croatia and Bosnia. These barns are then demolished and transported to the Netherlands. Before the wood arrives, it first goes into the drying room. After this, the wood is sorted and processed by us.

Custom Kitchen fronts

You can order customized kitchen fronts from us. You can choose from two different standard looks: “Outsides” (brushed) and “Insides” (planed). Outsides wood has a somewhat more robust appearance. After all, it was the outside of an old oak beam. Insides wood is the oak that comes from deeper within the old beam. After planning the Insides, the oak grain structures really stand out. This gives them a warm and characteristic look! We make kitchen fronts for both private customers and business customers in the Netherlands and abroad.


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