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Aged oak multi-board

The most common type of aged wooden floor is made out of so-called multi-boards. These boards are made up of a substrate or carrier made out of pinewood multiplex, with a solid-wood top layer of around 5 mm thick, bringing the total thickness of the floorboard to around 17-18 mm. Our multi-boards can be installed directly onto the existing screed, enabling optimum energy efficiency for underfloor heating and ensuring a stable surface.

Solid-wood floors

Our solid-wood floors have an unmistakeable charm due to many years spent as floorboards in old barns. The boards are sourced from the south-eastern Balkan area and are deeply marked due to many decades of intensive use. We then remove all of the nails, resew the wood, and sand it down to the right thickness. Each floor has its own unique look, suitable for a range of different interior design styles.   If you would like to install an aged wooden floor in an area with underfloor heating, please opt for our aged wooden multi-board floors instead.

Patterns & panels

Our reclaimed exclusive hospitality floors are available not just in a straight variety, but also in various patterns & panels, such as herringbone, Hungarian point, and Versailles panels. All of these patterns & panels come in come in two main varieties, namely outsides and insides.

If you would like more information about the many possibilities we can offer you.