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Oak barnwood door

“Custom-made interior doors produced from old oak wood”

Barnwood door

With a barnwood veneer door, the core of the door consists of a stable core. This is a structural plate that is never seen again. The advantage of this plate is that no brackets are required and the door therefore has a sleeker appearance. In addition, with this type of door you can also choose to have the grain run horizontally. The top layer of barnwood oak, which we glue in a special way, gives the door character. There are oak side slats around the door, so you have enough body to hinge the wooden door in various ways, such as with pivot hinges, blind hinges, and standard hinges.

Characteristic oak interior door

The core panel is covered on both sides with thin layers of wood, which is also known as “wood veneer”. Our barnwood door can be ordered in a brushed and planed old oak look, or in the Outsides and Insides variants. As standard we produce these doors in +- 40 / 44 mm thick, depending on the variant you choose. Since these doors are produced in our own workshop, we offer customization, and even floor-to-ceiling doors are an option!

We work with three versions in the Outsides and Insides looks.


  • Horizontal veneer (continuous slat)
  • Vertical (continuous slat)
  • Vertical (glued in a random pattern)

In addition, we have several different ways of finishing; we can close the cracks & knots in black / anthracite or just plug them in oak color. In addition, we can provide the door with a V groove for the insides variant. This is just a different look than a flat door plate.

Custom-made doors

Our custom doors are made with care by professionals. We process high-quality reclaimed oak wood from Europe. As a historical lumber trader, we purchase the best batches of reclaimed wood directly from the source. Over the years, our employees have gained experience in the various appearances and patina that occur in recycled wood. Thanks to our knowledge of historical building materials, we can produce doors to suit your needs! You also contribute to a circular economy by choosing our doors; after all, no trees were cut down to make them!

Are you looking for a “Fichte” interior door? We have those too!

Applications Sizes & stock
Exterior door Lengths: 180-300cm
Loft door Widths: 80-120 cm
Interior doors Thickness: 40-43 mm (other sizes on request)
Stock/price: Made-to-measure (price on request)

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