Rubio Monocoat oil 2C Smoke 5% 350 ML

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2-component oil A+B 350 ml

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Thanks to its revolutionary bonding, Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C is a true oil of the latest generation. This is because the product forms a molecular bond with the wood fibres in your surface to be treated, protecting and colouring your wood in a single layer. This avoids overlaps and deposits, gives you low consumption and lasting protection. In addition, you thus preserve the wood’s natural appearance and grain structure. The product is also very easy to apply on almost all types of wood and dries quickly. Thanks to the B-component (accelerator), the surface is dry after 24 hours and cured after 5 days. From 5 days after application, you can therefore already clean the surface with soap and water.

These oils are perfect for use with our old oak wall shelves!


Linseed is a natural product and therefore not flammable by itself. On a cloth, however, it does pose a danger. Oxidation of the oil creates a heat accumulation that ignites the used cloths (scalding effect). These should be immersed in water after use.

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