Old oak TV stand +-45 cm including steel legs

€ 565,00
€ 466,94 excl. taxes
Limited stock

Back sawn straight, front and top brushed

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions N/A
Steel leg height

30 cm

Thickness of beam

8 / 12 cm

Width bar

45 cm


Glued from 2 old oak wine press beams



An authentic wooden beam TV stand at home

Wooden beam TV stands are everywhere these days. You see them popping up all over social media and on Pinterest. It is the perfect eye-catcher for under your TV! In addition, this wooden beam TV stand can also be used as a bench. This way you create a rustic atmosphere in your home.

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Our unique wooden beam TV stand is made from old oak beams. These beams have already had a lifetime of use, which gives them a beautiful appearance. They have served as supporting structures in old barns, farms and houses. We import the beams from all over Europe. Most wooden beam TV stands on the market are made from old railway ties, which are extremely weathered and contain large holes, which makes them impractical for use as furniture. For example, they are often very difficult to clean and full of splinters.

Because we use old oak beams that are a lot straighter than railway ties, we can avoid these disadvantages.

Various sizes of wooden beam TV stands in stock

The wooden beam TV stands are produced in a number of standard lengths. These standard lengths are easy to order. The TV stands are glued from two old oak wine press beams. Is your size not listed? Please contact us for a custom bar TV stand.

✓ Unique, sustainable & recycled

✓ One side sawn straight (wall side)

✓ Beautiful rustic look

✓ Free delivery throughout the Netherlands & Belgium

✓ Incl. Black steel frame (height 35 cm)

Tip! Treat the oak beam TV stand with an ultra matt varnish for protection. Order in our webshop.

Delivery time: 2/3 working weeks

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