Unicol Hightack 290 ML

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Hybrid polymer mounting adhesive.

Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 30 cm


Want to securely fix your barnwood wall cladding to the wall? Then use Frencken’s high-quality High Tack sealant! This has instant high adhesive strength, allowing you to mount the wall boards securely to the wall right away.

In practice, about 1 tube of mounting sealant is used for 2 boxes of wall panelling. So divide your order boxes by 2 and you will know how many tubes of kit to order.

Mounting adhesive specifications:

UniCol High Tack is a Hybrid polymer-based elastic mounting adhesive with very high initial adhesion (> 200 kg/m²) and fast strength build-up. Suitable for both industrial and construction applications where clamping or stamping is not always possible.

As a construction and assembly adhesive, UniCol High Tack is suitable for bonding many materials on virtually all common building substrates such as stone, concrete, natural stone (granite countertops, natural stone window sills, ….), gypsum boards, various plastics (not suitable for PE, PP, PA, PTFE and EPDM), stainless steel, metal, aluminium, lead, zinc, powder-coated surfaces, wood, glass, decorative wall panels and sheet materials on both non-porous and porous and even (slightly) wet substrates.