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Keep the historical value in life

View our door Barnwood "Fichte" in our showroom!
Available in gray and brown tones!
Doors with character

Barnwood door “Fichte”

“Custom-made interior doors produced from old Alpine wood”


Exclusive “Fichte” barnwood door

A great success is the Fichte barnwood door! It is a door made of the same wood as we use for the “Fichte” loft doors. However, it is a completely different type of door than our loft doors. This type of door is produced by using a stable multi-layer plate as the core. This core is also made of old wood, which is covered on two sides with old barnwood slats. The multi-layer construction creates a stable whole and structural brackets are not required. An advantage of this is that the door is flat on two sides and therefore has a somewhat tighter appearance than a loft door. These doors can also be used as a flush-mounted door. Unfortunately, this is not possible with a loft door because it continues to expand/contract too much and therefore requires more space than can fit in a normal frame. Thus, if you need to mount in a frame, choose our Fichte veneered door!


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Mounting a “Fichte” veneer door 

A Fichte barnwood veneer door can be hinged in all kinds of ways, for example, pivot hinges can be placed, but also concealed hinges that are milled or the standard hinges that are most commonly used. All these ways are possible because we work with a completely solid core. As a result, there is sufficient body to place or mill various types of hinges. The side of the door is often finished with a gray or brown stain so that the sides of the door also look beautifully old. If necessary, it can even be provided with a glued-on barnwood slat.

As standard we produce these doors in two variants, namely a variant in shades of gray and a variant in shades of brown. With these two shades, everyone can have their own look. Create your unique interior with these eye-catching doors! The weathered barnwood has been nicely worn by wind and weather and this highlights the door optimally! Interested in these unique doors? Then visit our showroom and be inspired!

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Applications Sizes & stock
Exterior door Lengths: 180-300cm
Loft door Widths: 80-120 cm
Interior doors Thickness: 40-43 mm (other sizes on request)
Stock/price: Made-to-measure (price on request)