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Aged oak steps

“Aged oak steps will create a warm atmosphere in your home”

Historisch Hout carries a large supply of aged oak that we use to manufacture steps. We are able to manufacture these in almost any size and thickness. In terms of width, we manufacture steps up to around 27 cm wide, and sometimes even up to 30 cm wide. We are also able to produce different styles, such as brushed aged oak or shaved aged oak.

Aged oak steps will lend a characteristic, robust and warm look to your home. Wine press boards are a popular product that is used in many homes; it is a sustainable, durable material that is perfect for being used to manufacture steps. It is also suitable for use as wall panelling or to manufacture doors, window sills, kitchen fronts and kitchen countertops with.

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Look & feel

We offer two types of steps: brushed and shaved. Brushed steps showcase the original, rough texture of the exterior side of aged oak beams. Shaved steps are made out of the smooth, shaved and/or brushed interior of this beam.

We would be happy to put you in touch with skilled professionals for the actual mounting of the steps, whom will be able to utilise our materials to the best effect so as to realise the desired end product.

We manufacture our steps out of premium-grade reclaimed wood from Europe. As a wholesale buyer of historic wood, we buy the very best reclaimed wood directly from the source. Over the years, our employees have become highly experienced with regards to the different looks and patinas of recycled wood. Thanks to our knowledge of historic building materials, we are able to manufacture steps that will perfectly suit your needs. Moreover, by choosing our steps, you will also be contributing to creating a circular economy.

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