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Barnwood oak

“Reclaimed oak from old barns in the Balkans”

Where does our barnwood oak come from?

Decades-old field barns, often older than ourselves, are the source of our oak barnwood planks. Due to the weather conditions that the barns have defied for decades, the planks have beautiful deep grooves and a lived-in look. Unique widths of more than 30 cm are no exception! During the demolition of the barns, the planks are carefully stripped of nails and selected for quality and length.

Durable material

Oak barnwood is a popular product that is often used in interior construction, it is a stable type of wood that is very suitable for various purposes. Oak barnwood gives a luxurious look to your project. Barnwood is a product that can also be used very well outdoors, such as for siding or doors. In short, it’s a beautiful building material with a unique story. We deliver our barnwood oak to our customers in various ways. We saw this barnwood to various widths so that it is easy to install as wall cladding or siding. In addition, we can brush the wood or plane the back to the correct thickness. We can also produce various semi-finished products such as interior doors from this wood!

Applications Sizes & stock
Kitchens Lengths: +- 100 – 300 cm
Façade cladding Width: +-10-40 cm
Roof decking Thickness: +- 17-25 mm
Interior construction Price: request price list
Furniture Stock: Yes
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